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Crush:Welcome to the Show! Page 03

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by Zak Mix

New Year, New Adventure!

Hey everyone, it is Z. Mix Long time since the last update, but we got some changes going on. 

First, as the title says, we are hitting a new year, so we are hitting a new adventure for Crush! The next adventure we will be heading off into is "Welcome to the Show!" But, with this move, there are some changes to the format of how this comic will proceed going forward.

First, I will be taking a small little break from posting pages..but not content itself. Give some breathing room from the last chapter to the next. But that does not mean I will not be posting content. There will be some promo art that will be going up in it's stead. 

For the previous year, I was able to push out the last two chapters of Crush at three pages a week, pumping out 125 pages of content. These pages were done over the past three years (technically four), and honestly, I don't work that fast. Therefore, I can't publish these pages on a three times a week basis, and have to move it to a once a week slot. So every Wednesday going forward, a new page of Crush's adventure. 


I have also a Patreon channel open if you wish to contribute. You don't have to pay any money to read the comics, but this money will help expand the Crush brand. The first immediate goal is to help older pages get remastered and done by an artist that I have had dealings with in the past. Other goals include having pieces done by big named artists (imagine Crush done by Reiq? Glorious) or even having some very short animations done for Crush. The first really really big goal is the make enough money so I can do this full time, I would also, if the cards fall into place, get some other writers and artists to do smaller stories involving her in some sort. 

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please go ahead and consider becoming a patron today!


Thank you for your readership and support. I really do appreciate every last one of you

Z. Mix

Creator of CRUSH