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Crush:Welcome to the Show! Page 17

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by Zak Mix

Happy Birthday Crush!

Hey Everyone, it Z.Mix

First off, today (5/20) is Kristina's Birthday! Been drawing her for 14 years now. It has been quite some time for me and her. 

Lil update on the comic's going slower than I expected. I honestly want to get more done, but I am finding it harder and harder to do. Not from a lack of motivation, but from a combo of work, other projects I want to do, and other real life activities puts a stain on my ability to work on the comic at hand. Doesn't mean I won't, it just some periods of time will be harder than others. And it would be unfair to make you guys wait forever for plot lines for future chapters. So far, I have at least 12 additional chapter I want to do, and that is not including potential slower chapters I may want to throw in, smaller world building comics, and hell, I even thought of plans for Crush to be transported to a high fantasy world and having adventures there. So a ton of content and only one me to do it as of right now. I'm still tossing around ideas of how to handle it..but hopefully I will find something.

If you want to help out, please drop by my Patreon and drop a buck in the till. Remember, Crush in it's web comic form, will always be free to read. This is money is to help expand Crush into future and better things.


Thank you for your continued support through this magical journey. 

Z. Mix, 
Creator of CRUSH