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Crush:E Pluribus Unum PAGE 64

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by Zak Mix

10/16/2017 CRUSH Patreon now open!

Hey Everyone, it Z. Mix.

So, I finally did it. 

I opened up a Patreon for myself. 

My Patreon, currently, acts as a tip jar. But let me be perfectly clear. Reading CRUSH on Comic Fury, as long I have a say in it, will always be free. This is a gratuity thing and, God Willing, a chance to eventually expand the Crush brand. You can be as generous as you want, and if you decide to give, let me tell you, any amount is appreciated. Great or small. 


If you wish to do so, you can head your way to:


If you do not wish to do a monthly plan and wish to do a one time gratuity, you may do it here:


For a sneak preview of some prizes, this is what is coming up for Patreon donators:

Currently finished pages of current chapter in the works "Welcome to the Show!"
Sketches and concept for new character(s)
Sketches for pages 10-15 of "Welcome to the Show!"
Access to the CRUSH Discord.

Hope to see you all soon, and thanks for the continued support,
Z. Mix
Creator of CRUSH