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Crush:Welcome to the Show! Page 31

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by Zak Mix

Hey everyone, it Z. Mix


Unfortunately today, I am bringing a bit of bad news for you. 

As of late, my life has gotten a bit more hectic. And for the forseeable future, it isn't gonna slow down. My job is gonna get crazy (I work a full-time position in retail for those of you who may not know) in the next upcomming months, and with other aspects in my real life, along with other ideas that I have in my head that are just stewing, I have come to a descision. 

Next week, after I drop the next page of Crush: Welcome to the Show!; I will not be posting new pages for the rest of the year. 

Does that mean I am stopping all production of CRUSH? Not in the least. I still will be working on pages for her story, it will just go at a much slower pace. I love her, and quite frankly, Winston (The Black Magic Rabbit) is one of my favorite creaions I have ever made, so I'm not putting an end to it. I mostly do this because I want to give you the best I can as far as the CRUSH story goes. With everything that will come down the pipe, I don't just want to pump out a page solely to make some self imposed deadline, despite it's quality. That would be unfair. 

I also have quite a few other projects I wish to work on. One of them actually being a spin-off of Crush, staring her Arch-Nemesis Legion. This story will be called Legion:Covenant. It will still take place in the CRUSHVERSE proper, and will be canon, but her tale will be much darker and way more violent. That is still in preproduction and working on ideas and designs for this now. It's going to be a Four Chapter Arc, which I'm trying to keep in proper Comic Book range (20-25 page).

The other major project is the Jollyrogers. They are a band of space-fairing pirate bunnies. This is designed to be more along the lines of a Saturday Morning Cartoon. Kinda silly overall, but a bit of a pallet cleasner for me. 


I hope you all wish to stick around for this journey with me.

Thank you for your continued support,

Z. Mix